Under-Tile Heating

Add a touch of warmth to your home!

Underfloor heating is the perfect addition to any property. It is highly efficient, distributes heat more evenly and frees up valuable wall space by removing the need for conventional radiators.

We can install both electric and water based systems. Each one has its advantages depending on your specifications for example... Electric systems are better suited to smaller areas such as bathrooms and kitchens giving the advantage of minimal disruption to your property during installation.

The water based systems are more suited to larger areas of over 25m2 and full home systems. While the installation is more disruptive and costly, it is more energy efficient and cost effective over time. Underfloor heating can be used under virtually any floor finish but the best is flooring with good thermal conductivity. Tile and stone have excellent thermal properties, meaning your floor heats quickly and efficiently while retaining the heat in high heat loss areas.

At Harbour design interiors we can offer advice based on your requirements while having expert knowledge and experience to install your new under-tile heating from start to finish.

Feel free to contact us today for more information and we will be delighted to help.